Monday, August 22, 2016

The First Days of Firsts

Cue the music! I don't even care what kind! I just feel like music should be playing during this post.

Today was THE day. It was the first of firsts here at the Daugherty Hizzle.

We had
-the first day of school
-the first day of all three in school
-the first day of Scarlet's education
-the first day of a 4th grader
-the first day I didn't have three cups of coffee in the morning

But was a surprisingly good day.

This is what happens when you tell them to jump and they don't let go of each other.

Our morning may have started off a little stressful, but once we got everything dialed in, it was cake. Scarlet was so excited to start school, Samantha did NO complaining, which is unusual and Pip had it easy with orientations today.

Here's to a new school year and to many cups of coffee!

Sunday, August 21, 2016


The end?

The end of summer, yes. The end of my sanity, maybe. Or the end of having hair. Actually, it's the end of having little ones because my baby is starting Kindergarten tomorrow. I can't believe it. I feel like she's been around forever, but also like she just got here.

So....tomorrow could be a little rough. I don't know. It could end up being amazing. I don't know. But I do know this.....


No matter how the day turns out tomorrow, I've got this under control. Or at least, under as much control as I think I have. I heard this lyric in a song the other day: None of this is in your control. It means that while God has given us free will, it is still out of our control.

I'm going to start my day out by giving it to Him and ask for as much patience as He thinks I can handle tomorrow because I'm sure I will fail and fail and fail and fail and fail. And then I can start over and over and over and over and over!

It's gonna be fun, so check back here for some first day of school pics!

Oh, and I said GOOD DAY.

Friday, August 19, 2016

30-30: When You Find Your Happy Place

Everyone has a place they can go to; their happy place. It's the one place (or one of many) where you can be you; you can relax; you can find peace.

Maybe it's your favorite chair with your favorite book and your favorite dog.
Maybe it's your comfy bed or staying up til 4 AM playing video games with your friends.
Maybe it's taking Floor Head Shake Photos with your #wildunicorn buddy.
Maybe it's the ocean, the desert or the mountains.
Maybe it's your favorite place to get coffee and finding photos of divers photoshopped onto toilets.
Maybe it's knitting while watching Gilmore Girls.
Maybe it's watching Grey's Anatomy with your BFFFFFFFFFFs.
Maybe it's just thinking about those you love that are still here or have passed on into another place.

Whatever it is, go there often. Find your peace. Relax. Be yourself. 
Don't let the world slow you down.

And with that......

Thanks for hanging out with me the last 30 days! Check back now and again to see what kind of crazy shenanigans we Daughertys get into.